A better, more reliable way to prototype is coming your way.

We were frustrated with current breadboards which we felt were uninspiring. As makers ourselves, we saw the potential of creating a more integrated tool that made prototyping easier and more convenient. After 40 years of the same old breadboard design, it’s about time we rethink and reinvent to meet the needs of makers today.

Meet PlusBoard.

A thoughtfully designed experience for better prototyping


Adjustable Power Supply

Plusboard has a attachable variable power supply allows you to prototype anywhere, anytime without the need for a bulky power supply in the lab.

Stripboard Transfer

Plusboard has an easy transfer to stripboard capability that makes workflow efficient by eliminating the need to redesign your circuit on the strip board again after breadboard testing.

Bricks Compatibility

Plusboard has bricks compatibility that provides an easy way for makers to incorporate electronics into their projects.

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